Mostly Quality. Quality above all else.

For over thirty years exceeds Superauto 90 pursues with passion and motivation the goal of quality in the automobile sales and after sales service.Franco Angeletti, after years of experience in the car shop on his own and later as a partner in a Fiat dealership, founded in companies Superauto snc.

In the summer of 1989, the son Manuelo finished his studies forms and start working in the family company, and the following year that Franco, driven by passion for his work acquires full ownership of creating Franco Angeletti’s Superauto90.

Franco leads the company with vision and in 1996 moved from Macerata center at the current headquarters in Via Nazionale n. 20 in Cassette Verdini Pollenza alongside the sale of specialized mechanical assistance.

With the start of the new millennium that the renewed company obtains the best results, always guided by continous quest for customer satisfaction – transmitted and inculcated throughout the organization from Franco – and the widening of the sale on foreign markets .

In July 2006, Franco decided to slow down. Cases still at the side of his son, moved to the company. Thus was born the current Manuelo Angeletti’s Superauto90.

Cars and jeeps, new and used of all makes extensive exposure is located within the showroom in the vast square in front. The factory is specialized in the complete disposal of our customers as aftermarket, with a clear aim to follow them also, and especially after buying the car.

Today Superauto90 continues its activity as is traditional, with a careful eye on the future and with full respect for the needs of customers, without whom it would not be here 25 years from now.

Mostly Quality.

Franco e Manuelo Angeletti