Franco Angeletti
Supporter of the company and first to believe, and till today to attend son’s side and continued his work by bringing his experience continuously especially in the field and in the mechanical use. Precious is his presence inside Superauto90 to track sales and purchases, but also to meet customers now historical and affectionate, which the company is grateful for the trust confirmed.


Manuelo Angeletti
Director at 360 °, manages to combine experience, character and dynamic while remaining the company.
He refers to all staff, to ensure professionalism, consistency and continuity.


Marzia Pieroni
Administration Manager
Professionalism and courtesy are its characteristics. After years of training in the accounting field, follows Superauto90 since 1998. She is responsible secretarial and management books in general.


Elisabetta Crucianelli
Responsible Internet & Marketing
Having been Superauto90 one of the first local companies to use the web channel for sales in the auto sector, nowadays it has to manage an important amount of work.
This is how the figure of a manager was born who, in addition to marketing, also updates the web catalog and website.


Sauro Copparo
Responsible Assistence
Simply 30 years of experience and above all of passion in the workshop and in engine preparation. It guarantees an assistance point and absolute competence.